3./Jagdgeschwader 51 is a virtual unit for the combat flight simulator IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, modded with TF 4.312. High realism settings are used for all official Staffel operations. Members are required to have a broadband connection, a decent joystick, a working microphone, and Teamspeak3 Client.

This unit represents a Staffel, instead of the more common Gruppe. This is to keep the eventual size down for easier management and closer pilot relations. All pilots in this unit are expected to fly with commitment, teamwork, and honor.

I am looking for serious pilots, ages 18 and above, who prefer to fly German aircraft, and have an appreciation for recreating a realistic gameplay experience. Any particular level of skill or experience is not required to enlist. We are happy to train anyone who is willing to learn. I only ask that you are committed to improving yourself and your Staffel.

Training night is Wednesday. The starting time for meetings is 9:30 pm, US Eastern Time. The US Eastern time zone is GMT -5 during standard time, and GMT -4 during daylight savings time, so make sure your schedule fits well enough before enlisting. This typically means that you need to be living in North America in order to make scheduled events.

Currently, we are preparing for the upcoming Ghost Skies online war for Cliffs of Dover, which will be held every Sunday and Tuesday evening at 9:30 pm US Eastern Time.

Oblt. Stecher, Staffelkapitän 3./JG51